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police in norway say they were aware of the suspect in the massacre months ago, but couldn't legally stop him. today, that suspect says he never expects to get out of prison. but first, some relief from the heat, and good afternoon, i'm barbara harrison in for pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. a welcome reprieve from our heat. but some people were caught off guard without their umbrellas. parts of our area saw a brief downpour this afternoon, and there are more storms on the way tonight, folks. there is a flash flood warning in effect now for parts of our area. >> meteorologist veronica johnson joins us now with the very latest. have they started yet, those storms? >> oh, yeah, barbara, they have. in fact, there is a couple severe thunderstorm warnings up right now. but those storms that caught folks off guard, i bet they didn't mind getting cooled down. let's talk about the storms, because for anna run dell county and prince george's county until 4:45, the next couple minutes, severe thunderstorm warning. you can see the impact with the
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lightning, frequent lightning coming through with this area. folks, if you can hear the thunder, it's way too close, and you need to get inside. you know that for sure, and the little ones if they're outside playing, inside too. london town, this one cell we're watching around prince george's county, around anne arundel county, heading toward london town in the next nine minutes and tillman, 52 and then eventually st. michaels. those are not the only storms out there. you can see how big this complex is moving southeast at 20 miles per hour. and then there is another area that's just down to the south. it's around charles county, around king george county and it's moving toward areas like montrose and st. george island. the impact with this, frequent lightning, damaging winds, and definitely some downpours with this. so the atmosphere, that very humid air, is getting wrung out. flash flood warnings up for areas of northeastern montgomery county, for northern prince george's and anne arundel county. howard county, too, in baltimore. and to the south, for king george and for stafford county. and this goes up until about
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6:30 or 7:00 or so. so remember, turn around, don't drown. we're seeing some awfully high rainfall rates out of these thunderstorms coming through. but it's definitely cooling us down. unofficially, up to the 91. now we're seeing temperatures in the 80s. and overnight, the first time they have dropped this low since early wednesday morning. i'll have more in a little bit. >> all right. thank you, veronica. as norway mourns those killed in friday's bombing and mass shooting, suspect anders bravic was in court entering a not guilty plea, despite the fact he admitted to carrying out the attacks. jay gray has the latest reaction now from oslo. >> reporter: a very important day here, two developing situations surrounding the tragedy. let's start with the courtroom. the suspect in court today, and, again admitting to the killing spree. but saying he does not deserve to be punished. these are his words. he said it was done because he had to stop cultural marxism and
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also muslim domination across western europe. he also tried to read from his manifesto, a 1,500 page document, but the judge cut him off during the session. he will be held for eight more weeks, four of those in isolation. and then there will be another hearing. another story developing here is all of this. take a look down the way here. and you can see this growing memorial. thousands of people, in fact, 150,000 people pouring into the downtown oslo area today. all of them bringing with them flowers or candles or poems. at one point, very touching. a bunch of emergency medical personnel parted the sea of people, walked up to the memorial, many of them crying, delivering flowers. there was a rousing ovation for the men and women. and then spontaneously, the crowd began to sing the national anthem here. it was a moving moment. there will be several more. they're beginning to understand in this city and across the country that this is going to take some time to get through. that's the very latest here in
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oslo. i'm jay gray. now back to you. >> and the death toll in the norway attacks now stands at 76. a 7-month-old baby boy who disappeared friday is now safe and sound with his mom. this is video of the mom arriving at children's hospital this afternoon to pick up her little boy. ky yon birch was taken from his father's home in baltimore by a teenager watching the baby. a d.c. police officer spotted the babysitter in northeast washington this morning, and took her in for questioning. kyyon was checked out at the hospital and is said to be okay. the babysitter has not been charged yet. news4's john schriffen has more on this story tonight at 5:00. and now to the debt reduction showdown on capitol hill. there is still no agreement, but today democratic and republican leaders drafted separate compromised proposals to prevent a government default next week. steve handelsman reports now, time is running out.
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>> reporter: with a week left, president obama was with latino activists at midday, on the sidelines. after a weekend of failing to cut a bipartisan deal. >> believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. >> reporter: he still wants a plan that hikes taxes to avoid deep medicare cuts. >> the best way to take on our deficit is with a balanced approach. one where the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations pay their fair too. >> reporter: but balance looks dead for now on capitol hill. house speaker boehner is proposing raising the debt ceiling and cutting spending $2.5 trillion in two stages. with a vote now and another in 2012, no tax hikes. that's the republican offer. >> we laid out a framework. no new taxes, and we will not raise the debt limit more than we actually find cuts. >> reporter: senate democratic leader reid would hike the borrowing limit $2.7 trillion through 2012 with matching cuts, no tax hikes.
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>> any serious debt reduction plan must include revenues. but in the interest of preventing a default, we can have the fight on revenues later. >> so now all of the republicans have to do is say, yes. >> reporter: house democrats said just make the deal. >> find common ground, lift the debt ceiling, and let's restore stability in the lives of our citizens. >> reporter: but both parties' proposals, running just through next year, guarantees the spending and tax hike will dominate the 2012 campaign. right now, default looms so large that secretary of state clinton today in hong kong had to reassure the chinese who hold $1 trillion in u.s. bonds that a debt ceiling deal will get done. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. and the republicans are holding a news conference right now. let's listen in. >> we're more concerned about the policies and where this country is going. this plan today is one that the speaker sat down with the other
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side of the aisle in the senate. it's one that we have worked together that would make some current cuts, put some caps in, for long-term. to put us on the right path. it brings up the argument, and the -- where the republicans are here, wanting a balanced budget. the opportunity to have it. i think what has to transpire now is the president has to change his ways. the president has to start putting people before politics. >> well, it's july 25th, and many things have not changed. one, it's over 800 days and the senate under harry reid have yet to pass a budget. they have yet to pass a plan to deal with the debt crisis, much less one before august 2nd. the president of the united states has yet to put forward a plan and can only make it even more clear that what he is focused upon is the next
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election. >> and the back and forth continues there. the republicans speaking now. meanwhile, in other news today, an unattended bag triggered a security scare at new york's kennedy airport this morning. turned out to be a false alarm. the bag was almost empty. but the american airlines terminal was evacuated for nearly two hours as a precaution. an airport spokesman says the owner of the bag left it behind while traveling to san francisco. the rest of the airport remained open while the bag was being checked out. well, have you heard the news? football is back, folks. the nfl lockout is finally over after more than four months. today the players voted to okay a deal. and training camp begins on thursday for the redskins. nbc's brian mooar has more from northwest d.c. >> reporter: nfl owners and players' reps have agreed to end the longest work stoppage in league history. >> it's been a long time coming. and football is back. and that's the great news for everybody. >> reporter: the deal was finalized in the wee hours of
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the morning, and players are being asked to sign off on it. >> at the end of the day, neither side got everything they wanted. but i think what we did achieve was a fair deal that will stand the test of time. >> but our guys stood together when nobody thought we would. and football is back because of it. >> reporter: shuttered training facilities are free to open. and now the race is on to sign rookies and free agents. the lockout began march 11th, and over the weekend, negotiators put the final touches on a ten-year pact that will split $9 billion in revenue. owners get 53%, players get 47. >> we stand on the eve of the day when football gets back into business. and our players can't be more excited than going back and doing the thing they love the most. >> reporter: the last nfl work stoppage was back in 1987, when former new york giant george martin says current players got a fair deal. >> we were on a strike 57 days during the season. this happened during the off season, so i think there was a
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minimum amount of fallout, but they got an awful lot done in the final analysis. >> reporter: for football fans, it's welcome news. now the league is hustling to get ready for a season that starts in just 45 days. in the meantime, the players have to drop their lawsuit and reform their union, which they disbanded on the eve of the lockout. in northwest washington, brian mooar, news4. >> now, the first preseason game just a few weeks away. the first game is at home, august 12th against the steelers. you can catch that game right here on nbc 4. the second game is on the road against the colts on the 19th. then the redskins play the ravens in baltimore on espn. the final game is september 1st against the buccaneers. that game also right here on nbc 4. after weeks of gas prices dropping, the price at the pump is going up again. the national average is $3.70 that's up two cents from last week. d.c. saw the biggest jump in our area, up 4 cents to $3.91 a
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gallon on average. virginia is now at $3.62 a gallon, up three cents from last week. maryland drivers are paying $3.70, two cents more than a week ago. virginians are paying a penny more than last week. when news4 continues, a new development in the case against michael jackson's doctor. >> and the latest on the death of the singer amy winehouse. what happens in vegas stays in vegas. but what happens when your fiance kracfee an crashes your bachelor party? find out the dish. and extreme heat over the weekend from sun burns to headaches from swimming. a day at the pool can be dangerous. dr. jackie joins us next to tell us
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police in great britain say an autopsy did not establish a cause of death for singer amy winehouse. >> the 27-year-old music star died saturday at her home in london. all across the music entertainment industry, there are tributes pouring out for winehouse. george michael called her the most soulful voice the u.k. has ever seen. and adele said she paved the way
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for singers like her and got people excited about british music again. winehouse had two albums garnering critical and commercial success with her 2006 "back to black." she had been planning a european comeback tour but cancelled after an unsuccessful start in certain i can't last month. today her parents visited with mourners outside her home to see the tributes left by fans. >> we're devastated. but thanks for coming. thanks very much. i hope to see you again soon. >> winehouse is also remembered for her often public struggle with substance abuse. british actor russell brand wrote a lengthy tribute, asking people to change the way they perceive addiction. there will be an official investigation into winehouse's death in late october. a judge says unseen footage of michael jackson's final rehearsals cannot be shown to jurors in the trial of dr. conrad murray. murray is accused of
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overprescribing jackson with propofol, a powerful sedative. today the judge said the video is valuable to sony pictures and did not believe it showed jackson as unhealthy as murray's lawyers contended. murr murray's trial is set to start september 8th. actor steve carell is already busy with a new project. >> we love him. here's access hollywood's billy bush with more on the story. >> reporter: hey, washington, it's a fact that ever since leaving "the office" steve carell has been acting like a big baby. >> ahhh! >> somebody give that man a bottle. >> see mommy. see mommy. >> ahh! >> reporter: steve carell goes gaga in august, and we've got the behind the scenes of the funny photo shoot as carell throws a serious temper tantrum. but it turns out the crazy super love star had too much fun. >> it was fun to put on a
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onesie, fun to have a crib that was just my size again, and to really be able to unleash all of the pent-up emotion that a grown man is never able to let go of. ♪ >> reporter: also, jesse eisenberg takes one for the gq team as he repeatedly gets barraged by exploding bowls of cereal, and kim jong isn't afraid of the flash, showing off his bold, metallic short-shorts and taking multiple plunges. >> that's tonight on access hollywood. ♪ in get healthy for life today, some of us have been seeking refuge from the extreme heat at the pool this past week, but some people may end up feeling worse after a swim. dr. jackie from family allergy and asthma care in gaithersburg
4:18 pm
is here with more on how to stay well in the water. so dr. jackie, swimmers were struggling in this heat, complaining of what, slow strokes? what's going on? >> what's going on is that you can actually get dehydrated when in the pool. people don't think about this, because the usual signs of dehydration are not there. you're not spread spreading, but you can be thirsty. and there were plenty of swimmers because they were slow, fatigued and dehydrated. so you need to watch out for that. you have seen a lot more complaints about headaches too. of what's going on there? >> headaches is primarily because when you jump in the pool and get the water up your nose, you know how that stings and that's a big reason for the headache. what happens further, it's not the same composition as normal water that goes up your nose. so it stings. but what people really need to be aware of, this actually makes you more predisposed to get allergy. so if this is a time of year where you would get allergy, don't be jumping in the pool without your nose plugs on, because you'll just make it worse. worse headaches, worsening allergies. >> you deal with a lot of
4:19 pm
allergies. you also deal with asthma, too. is this an issue in the water? >> this has actually been a controversial issue. swimming has always been the perfect sport for asthmatics. amy van dike in 1996, olympic gold medal winner, so that proves you can have asthma and do a sport. but what the controversy has been, asthma, a good sport because you're breathing in humid mied air or a bad sport because of the chlorine? it's 100 degrees out, chlorine pool, a tremendous amount of air trapped, and it affects not only the swimmers but also the spectators. so the parents were getting an awful lot of respiratory symptoms just because of the high levels of chlorine. >> something we don't think about. we all know there is risks to athletes in the heat. is there risk to swimmers too? >> there is. and there's an unfortunate example of what happened last summer at a swim meet where a competitive swimmer was
4:20 pm
swimming, it was 105 degrees and the water was 87 degrees. that's not cold enough to cool you off. the same way we give football players a break, we've got to give swimmers a break. they need to go inside the air conditioning and cool off. because you can get heatstroke, and unfortunately, you can die. >> whoa. okay. we also hear about sunburns. but you're hearing about some sunburns catching people by surprise. >> i had a bunch of patients come in last week that all thought they were allergic to their antibiotics and they may be on aeblts for things like acne medication. what happens, when there is that little label that says don't go out in the sun, it means it. because what happens is you'll get a worsening sunburn than you're ever meant to get. so be careful with that. >> a lot to think about. swimming is not just fun. >> no, the only one it's good for is the eczema patients. a great place for eczema patients. wonderful to get hydrated, clean from the clorn, and be out in the vitamin d. sun is good for eczema. >> we know that. thank you, dr. jackie. >> you're welcome. >> barbara, over to you. >> thank you. coming up on news4, the
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flip-flop dangers. what doctors say the problems are that are sending many people to the e.r. and months before the
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♪ ♪ rockin' around the christmas tree at the christmas party hop ♪ >> oh, boy. can santa help us beat the heat? i don't think so. but, hey, radio station washington fm is playing christmas music on its website all week as part of christmas in july. >> i guess it's kind of a nice idea. the station hopes people will cool off by listening to their favorite holiday hits. >> you know, i always have them on my dial and i'm always thinking, oh, boy, october is early. but july? they do it every year. >> maybe if you start thinking, you know, snow, let it snow. >> it will just seem cooler. well, we've got wild weather shaping up out there, veronica. how are these storms looking now? >> still pretty intense, guys. there's a lot of lightning out there. in fact, some prolific lightning coming through parts of the area. let's talk about the temperatures, too. because we're cooling off, not like christmas, not like december, but 79 the temperature
4:25 pm
after a high temperature today of officially 91. the heat index at 8 2 degrees. folks, those numbers really down from where they were earlier. the humidity at 83%. you can see the numbers throughout and look to the west, 81 in cumberland, 82 degrees in petersburg, west virginia, where that heat index is currently mid 80s to upper 80s. it's been a while since we have seen the numbers this low. but, again, it's storms that we're talking about, anne arundel, prince george's county until 4:45, you're under a severe thunderstorm warning. because you can see right there, the intense lightning that's coming through. and there a chance for some high winds. up around 40 to 50 miles per hour. these cells headed to the south and east, toward deal in the next 17 to 28 minutes. i've been concerned about this cell to the south around brandy wine headed toward farmers fork in the next 39 minutes. bethlehem fork in the next 55 minutes. that one has shown some
4:26 pm
indication of some very strong winds, too. and we've got some flash flood warnings out there, too, for king george, stafford, charles, howard, anne arundel, prince george's county, baltimore, all until 6:15 and 6:30. so remember, it only takes about 2 feet of water to carry your car away. but the big cooldown, that's the story. some cooler and drier air behind this weather front. it will be moving through the area during the overnight period. so we've got a chance, even as this line passes, to get some more strong storms, i think, until just past midnight. but that nice, refreshing air will be coming in tomorrow. expect some sunshine, low humidity will still be up around 90 to 93 degrees or so tomorrow. but this is going to hang on for yet another day through wednesday. so two days of some really nice, summer weather coming our way tuesday and wednesday before it all starts climbing again. that high heat and humidity for friday, and especially saturday. so thunderstorms likely, flooding possible. we've already got some flash flooding out there now.
4:27 pm
flash flood warnings posted. 85 to 78 degrees here for the evening. for tomorrow morning, we're talking about mostly clear, cooler, 65 to 72. and then for tomorrow afternoon, sunshine, the high of 89 to 93 degrees. so there's a look at your next four days. we'll talk more about these storms in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, veronica. and still to come on news4 at 4:00, a driver ran over and killed a child, so why does the mother face more jail time for jaywalking than the hit and run driver? the mother's story, next. plus, several teenagers attacked by a bear. the family talks about the ordeal,
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00, i'm barbara harrison in for pat lau son muse. >> get ready for some football. the nfl owners and players voted for a deal that ends the four-month lockout. the new agreement is valid for ten years and means the regular season will not be disrupted. training camp for the redskins starts this thursday. a missing 7-month-old boy was reunited with his mom this afternoon. the baby has been missing since friday. he was last seen with his 16-year-old babysitter in baltimore friday. both were found by d.c. police this morning. police took the teen ager in for questioning, and the investigation is ongoing.
4:31 pm
and the baby is okay. the man accused of bombing oslo, norway and a shooting of a nearby youth camp has pleaded not guilty, despite admitting that he carried out the attacks. anders bravic told a norwegian court he was trying to save europe from immigration. at least 76 people were killed. concerns of the ongoing debt talks sent stocks lower today. the nasdaq lost 16 points and the s&p dropped 8 points. a georgia mother could face up to three years behind bars after someone else killed her 4-year-old son in a hit and run accident. tom truong explains why she is receiving a stiff sentence for jaywalking. >> reporter: the roadside memorial for little aj nelson is gone. no trace of the horrific hit and run that killed the 4-year-old boy and injured his mother.
4:32 pm
but neighbors remember it vividly. >> it's just a real horrible situation. i'm just hoping that she'll pull through it, and make the best out of it. >> reporter: it was spring, last year. raquel nelson and her three children just stepped off the bus at this stop in marietta, georgia. there was no crosswalk, but the family moved ahead, trying to make it across four lanes to get home, until a van rolled towards them, striking them in the street. witnesses said they didn't have a chance. >> a tan suv or a van turned on his bright lights, and just sped up the street. and he hit the little boy and the little boy flew up in the air. >> reporter: aj died. his mother and sister suffered minor injuries. the only child unharmed was aj's 6-year-old sister. the driver never stopped to help. but authorities eventually caught this man, jerry guy. his lawyers said at the time guy admitted to drinking alcohol earlier that day, was on pain medication, and is partially blind in one eye. jerry guy pleaded guilty to one
4:33 pm
charge of hit and run and served six months in prison and was released last year. he's now on probation. this isn't the first offense for him. he's had two prior convictions for hit and run. aj's mom was also convicted. she now faces a possible sentence of three years in prison for second degree vehicular ham homicide, reckless conduct, and failure to use a crosswalk, something that doesn't settle well with local parents. >> it is her fault and his fault, but at the same time, she suffered such a great loss, i don't see what putting her in prison is going to do. >> reporter: one legal expert says, in cases like these, fairness sometimes takes a back seat to the law. >> ms. nelson was shown no sympathy whatsoever by the system. this will live with her forever. >> reporter: what took place here took only a matter of seconds. but for one family, the horror will last much longer. for "today," tom truong, marietta, jorj george.
4:34 pm
>> rah quell nelson says she thinks it's hard for the jury to relate to her situation. she hopes the judge in the case will decide to reduce her sentence so she can be at home and take care of her other two children. today in an italian courtroom, forensic experts questioned the validity of dna results used to convict amanda knox of murder. 23-year-old knox was convicted of murdering her british roommate back in 2007. she was sentenced to 26 years in prison, but she is appealing that charge. the court ordered a 145-page dna report. today, independent experts testified the murder weapon could not be retested, because there wasn't enough dna to analyze. and dna matching knox's codefendant is too contaminated to evaluate. a verdict on the appeal is expected in late september. and this just in. president obama will hold a prime time address to the nation about the debt ceiling fight. it will be tonight at 9:00. a colorado teenager sent to alaska for a so-called survival
4:35 pm
training camp. he left getting an all-too-real lesson in survival. 17-year-old samuel segan was hiking 120 miles north of anchorage when he was attacked by a bear on sunday. his parents talked to their son from the hospital. >> i was so happy that he wanted to do it. that he wanted to get out there and do this backpacking and have, you know, his adventure. it's great stuff. and there are risks. and we're just so thankful and relieved that he's okay. >> segan had some bad bear bite marks, but is expected to make a full recovery. a former reality tv star and an nfl quarterback have called it quits. >> former laguna beach and "the hills" star kristen cavallari and jay cutler have called off their engagement. cavallari and cutler got engaged back in april. the news of the split came from a source close to the couple
4:36 pm
with an interview with "access hollywood". so far no comment from either camp. kim kardashicakardashian cr fiance's bachelor party. she kicked off her party with her moms, sisters and best friends at another club. humphreys partied with lamar odom and rob kardashian. but rob and others split off to attend kim's bachelorette party. you getting this straight? afterwards, they brought kim back to surprise her future husband. humphreys was surprised at first, but seemed pleased. he had better be, right? after about ten minutes, kim left with the girls. dude, this ain't your party, this is for the boys, right? ♪ "captain america" beat out "harry and potter" and company at the box office this weekend.
4:37 pm
raked in $66 million in ticket sales. the wizards from hogwarts with $48 million. and rounding out the top three, the romantic comedy, "friends with benefits." that opened this weekend and took in $18.5 million. well, the story of a rescue chilean miners will be made into a hollywood movie. >> the 33 men trapped under ground sold their movie rights and their story to producer mike metavoid who produced "shutter island" and "black swan." one said he hopes the film will express the message of hope from the miners' experience. production is set to begin next year. a whole lot more to come on news4 at 4:00 this afternoon. vuf regretted posting something on your facebook? well, a new survey takes a look at online regrets. plus, 46 couples tie the knot at the same time. we're going to take you to the huge
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welcome back. veronica johnson in storm center 4, keeping you updated as this intense line of rain and thunder moves through the area. most of the storms are now east of our area and down to the
4:41 pm
south. calvert, charles, stafford, spotsylvania, you're still getting intense lightning, but the new warning for west moreland county until 5:15. you can see the intense lightning coming around areas of montrose east of port royal. and this will be heading toward the south and east in the next 16 minutes, kinnard in the next 43 and center cross in the next 57 minutes. so most of these intense storms south and east of the area. but we may get some more during the overnight period before the front crosses. back to you. >> all right, veronica. okay. let's check out today's daily deal. first looking at groupon in montgomery county. if you're hungry, there is a deal for you. bd's mongolian barbecue has a create your own stir fry. it costs you $20 and you get $40 worth of food. wow. so far, we've got about 2,100 people who have bought that bargain. i could do some damage at that
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place. >> i could too. i'm hungry right now. >> it's great. let's move over to living social and see what we've got for a deal today. this has to do with radiance med spa, a big special today. you get a digital skin analysis with fire and ice facial for 75 bucks. that is a savings of 63%. and we've got about 12 hours remaining on that one. >> sounds good. when we come right back on news4 at 4, flip flops are great to wear when it's unbearable out, but there are some health concerns. that story ahead. plus, a local 7-year-old boy with epilepsy desperately wants a dog, so he decided to write a book. his story is still ahead. and we're brand-new tonight on nbc washington nonstop at 9:00. join me for nonstop foodies d.c. i'm hanging out at the fancy food show with duff goldman from ace of cakes. if you're hungry, watch it.
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i'm carla, and this is my cvs. and his, too.
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hopefully the rain is cooling things down out there. >> yeah. is it helping us any, veronica? >> it is helping in a beg big way. you know, we dropped to 79 degrees, reagan national airport. that's the first time we're down under the 80 degree mark since early wednesday morning. boy, yeah, these storms are cooling us down, for sure.
4:46 pm
all associated with, again, this strong cold front coming through the area. you're looking at doppler here, doppler radar, and those storms as they make their way to the south and east where right now the most intense storms are east, headed out over the water, out from anne arundel county. we've got intense storms still around al calvert, charles, stafford, spotsylvania moving south and east toward the northern neck. that's the reason why that one area in west moreland county as this cell moves toward kinnard. heavy rain and intense lightning. make sure you get inside. 79 degrees the temperature here. look at the lows want to. 73 in d.c. 68 in frederick. 70 in culpeper. and we'll see highs tomorrow at 92 degrees, folks, with much, much lower humidity, expected around the area. at least for the next two days. but then for the end of the week, friday back up to 99 and it is going to be quite humid, too, at the end of the week.
4:47 pm
but not leasting lasting nearly as long. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. flip-flops are the summer shoe of choice for a lot of us, because they can cause stress fractures and tendinitis. >> nbc's dee dee roy reports on how choosing the right pair can save your feet from painful flip-flop injuries. >> reporter: it's a summer staple. but also can be the season's most fashionable health hazard. flip-flops. a nightmare, say some podiatrists. dr. howard osterman has been practicing in washington, d.c. for 20 years, and has seen his fair share of cases. >> i will see a patient a day with a flip-flop injury from now until september. >> reporter: many victims of overuse injuries, like stress fractures and tendinitis -- >> what will happen, you will get a crack in the shell of the bone. >> reporter: most people have at least one pair of flip-flops in their closet. but for some, it's more than just a shoe preference. it's a lifestyle. >> i really love flip flops. >> reporter: so much, that sue
4:48 pm
ellen tyndall didn't learn her lesson. >> i started wearing my flip flops again, because i figured it wouldn't happen again. >> reporter: another fracture and her shoe world turned upside down. but she plans on revamping her collection. >> i'm going to just go get the ones that are right for me. because when your feet hurt, your life is miserable. >> reporter: so what is not right for you? experts say the cheaper styles. >> you can spend less on your flip-flop, but the down side, you can make it up in co-pays to your doctor. >> reporter: the american podiatric medical association has rated the best and worst models for your feet and gives tips on what to look for. >> thick, cushioned sole, a strapped canvas to the ankle. >> reporter: scientists believe leg muscles move differently when walking in flip flops. this battle could be the root to the injuries, but osterman says flip flops don't have to be avoided entirely. >> i think flip flops in moderation are excellent. >> reporter: for visits to and
4:49 pm
from the pool, flip flops are just fine. a neighborhood stroll, speakene the better option. nbc news, los angeles. >> i'm going to keep mine. >> yeah, they're so easy. on and off. they just make it so easy. coming up on news4, a young boy decided to write a book to make money to buy a dog. coming up tonight, a missing baby found safe in it d.c. his babysitter is in custody. tonight, there are new questions about what really happened. it's the most monumental move in the history of the military health system. two hospitals for wounded warriors merge into one. and only news4 has your first look inside. and stick around tonight for news4 at 6:00. a 2-year-old survives a high-speed train crash nearly a day after the accident. we'll tell you how the train ended up on a collision course with
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
if you've ever posted something on facebook, twitter, or other social media sites and then immediately regretted it, you're not alone. nearly one in five internet users regret something they have posted online. that's according to a new survey by the institute for public opinion. people under 45 have the most internet regrets. men are slightly more likely than women to have engaged in
4:53 pm
regrettable online actions. 50% of internet users nationwide think social media does more harm than good. >> we've all been there. 46 same-sex couples exchanged vows this morning during a mass wedding ceremony in niagara falls. >> do you promise now to love and honor each other as participants for the rest of your lives? if so, please say "i do." partners in life. >> the dozens of couples came from across the country to take advantage of the newly passed law, allowing same-sex marriages in new york. the niagara tourism bureau organized the mass wedding in hopes of getting more couples to come to the falls for their weddings and honeymoons. still ahead on news4 at 4:00 this afternoon, a very successful weekend for a local
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a young boy with a serious health condition has taken it upon himself to raise money for the help he needs. he has dangerous enhelpic seizures and needs a service dog. but it costs thousand to train those dogs and derrick ward caught up with this young monday, evan moss, over the weekend. >> reporter: customers rave over the pastries at grounded coffee shop in alexandria, but they lined up this sunday afternoon for a book signing with an up and coming author. >> thank you all so much for your patience.
4:57 pm
he's 7. he's signing as fast as he can. >> it's about me and what my seizure dog will do for me. >> reporter: 7-year-old evan moss has lived with a form of epilepsy for most of his young life. >> he was having 300 to 400 seizures a month. >> reporter: just before he turned 4, he underwent brain surgery to remove tumors that contributed to the condition and was seizure-free for almost a year-and-a-half, but they returned. they were fewer, but they were longer and more violent. it became necessary for evan to get a service dog which can detect a seizure and be at his side for things like helping with balance to lessen the severity of the seizures. a trained animal for evan can cost $22,000. the group four paws absorbs some of the costs, but his family still has to come up with $13,000. >> i had the idea of writing the book. >> reporter: of course, the book has to be promoted to sell, hence today's book signing. >> we do a lot of book signings,
4:58 pm
but this was a special cause. >> reporter: most authors would kill for a line out the door, especially for toiling for years on a book, but it didn't evan that long. >> it only took me about three days or so. >> reporter: evan's family hasn't actually met the dog yet, but evan writes about what he envisions. >> the seizure dog will eat pizza with me. >> reporter: okay, so the dog's diet is still a work in progress, but not the book. it's already got a niche audience who just can't seem to put it down. and odds are, it won't be this young man's last work. he's probably got a few more books in him. >> he's an old soul. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. >> the book signing was such a big success, they sold out of 150 copies of the book they had. you can follow evan's progress and learn how to get a copy of his book by going to his blog at that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. you're watching nbc 4. washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is news4
4:59 pm
at 5:00. finally found. a baby from baltimore back home tonight, three days after he was reported missing. the dramatic ending that led his family here to d.c. for an emotional reunion. >> the gridiron gridlock is over after months of negotiations. the nfl lockout has been lifted. see what it means for football fans and for the upcoming season. and amy winehouse made no secret about her drug and alcohol addiction. but did it lead to her death? the new questions raised tonight about the singer's final hour. welcome to news4 at 5:00, i'm jim handly. >> i'm dorene gentzler in for wendy rieger. we begin with relief from the high heat and humidity. right now strong storms are moving into the region. let's go straight to meteorologist veronica johnson tracking the changes from our weather center. veronica? >> thanks, dorene and jim. yeah, some real drenching storms coming through the area. a lot of rain being put down out of these, as you might imagine. how humid the air has been.

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